Brackenhofer Family History - Familiengeschichte
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The Brackenhofer family has its origins deep in medieval Schwaben which is today part of Baden-Wurttemberg. Throughout the centuries succeeding generations lived through some of the most cataclysmic historical events in European history and survived. Their stories are interesting and their history is there for all members of the present day extended family to appreciate.

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Hans Brackenhoffer 1396 Bad Buchau Simon Brackenhofer 1486 Bad Buchau Georg Brackenhofer 1489 Berg, Ehingen Donau Joachim Brackenhofer circa 1550 Reutlingen Dominik Bragkhoffer 12 Feb 1549 Reutlingen Endris, Jerg, Domenicus Brackenhofer 1557 Reutlingen Michel Brackenhofer 18 Aug 1559 Reutlingen (Hauptstaatsarchiv Stuttgart) Enderis Brackenhofer 30 Sep 1562 Reutlingen Isaac Brackenhofer 15 Jan 1575 Reutlingen Hans Brackenhofer 17 Feb 1576 Georg Brackenhofer 1578 Maria Brackenhofer 24 Feb 1579 married Freiburg Abraham Brackenhofer 1610 married Barbara Mendler Ulm Ursula Brackenhofer 29 Sep 1778 Minderreuti married Michael Knoll Martin Brackenhofer died New York 1891

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