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1  HAMMERLIN Conrad (I088)
2 1. Matilda lived at 107B Hillcrest Ave, 06100, West Hartford, Connecticut, USA in 1981 BRACKENHOFER Matilda E (I8)
3 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1033)
4 1. Daniel was a tanner BRACKENHOFER Daniel (I2275)
5 1. Daniel was a tanner BRACKENHOFER Daniel (I2279)
6 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I184)
7 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I184)
8 1. First came to Sydney, Australia on the ship " Schwaben" from Melbourne to Sydney 25 Feb 1912. He is listed as Ludwig Brackenhofer age 20 Germany Chief Steward.
BRACKENHOFER Ludwig August (I2313)
9 1. From a death notice, it appears that Anthony's year of birth could be 1961. BRACKENHOFER Anthony John (I45)
10 1. Georg, as ammam, was mentioned in the University matrices and in the Charters of Obermarchtal Monastery BRACKENHOFER Georg (I33)
11 1. Hans and family are buried in nordlingen cemetery, dept 9, row 2, grave 3.
The family has the lease on this plot till 2017.
If not renewed, the family has to remove the headstone and the plot is leased to another family. 
BRACKENHOFER Hans Friedrich Jakob (I2629)
12 1. Heinrich was a retail merchant.
2. He lived at house C 2 in 1802. This picture does not seem to be the original dwelling, but a restored one.
BRACKENHOFER Heinrich Traugott (I220)
13 1. In the 1943 and 1949 electoral rolls, Ernest is listed as living at Cowpasture Road, Horsley Park, NSW.
2. He stated his occupation was that of a fitter and turner. 
SPEERIN Ernest Alfred (I161)
14 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I165)
15 1. Jean was a colonel dínfanterie by occupation LAMEY Jean Alfred Said (I38)
16 1. Jean was an actuary at the Petit Senat VON CARBEN Jean Pierre (I82)
17 1. Johann Georg lived at house D 179 in 1740. This house is not the original, but a newer one at same address. Note the town wall on left hand side of photo. BRACKENHOFER Johann Georg (I2367)
18 1. Johann was a Doctor in LAW.
2. Assessor to the Imperial Chamber of Justice of Spire 1622.
3. He was the author of the entry of Brackenhofer line into nobility. 
19 1. Johann WENCKER was a magistrate in Strasbourg. WENCKER Johann (I72)
20 1. Johannes was a tanner BRACKENHOFER Johannes (I2277)
21 1. Karl was a glazier.
2. In Nordlingen in 1856 his address is 20 Judengasse ( from address book).
Picture of the house at D20 in 1842
3. Christoph Brackenhofer, a button maker, was at 19 Judengasse
4. Johannes Brackenhofer , a weaver, was at 103 Vordere Gerbergasse.
5. Johannes Brackenhofer , a THURMACHTER...not translated, was at 204 Burgrasse.
5. Cause of death : phthysis of the lungs ( Pulmonary tuberculosis).
6. Karl and his wife had 2 sets of twins!
BRACKENHOFER Karl Ludwig August (I226)
22 1. Laurentia was a lace maker from Dinkelsbuhl
WOLF Laurentia Friederike (I298)
23 1. Leopold came to USA arriving 4 March 1914 on ship "Kaiser Wilhelm II "ex Bremen, via Southampton to New York.
2. On shipping record, he said he was German.
3. Rudolph Brackenhofer , died 14 May 1945, Bourdon, France , block 9, grave 18671., lance corporal , was born in Vienna . Perhaps he is connected to Leopold's family tree. 
24 1. Louis was chef de batallion dínfanterie de marune by occupation LAMEY Louis Auguste (I39)
25 1. Malachias was a bone turner
BRACKENHOFER Malachias (I2360)
26 1. Margaretha gave 50 florins to the military hospital in Nordlingen, 25 florins to the poor students of Nordlingen and 25 florins to the alms fund. LIND Margaretha (I265)
27 1. Maria , her sister anna Huber, and Maria's 3 children came to USA on 21 July 1914 on the ship "Grosser Kurfurst" ex Bremen.
2. Maria's father, Anton Huber, was living at Fischergasse 3, Neustadt am Main, Bayern, Germany in 1914.
3. Maria returned to Germany some time in the period 1920 to 1926. Possibly her father and /or mather had died.
4. She returned to USA on 17 Oct 1926 on the ship "Berlin"ex Bremen 7 Oct 1926. She travelled alone.
5. Leopold and Maria became USA citizens 1 Dec 1920, Superior Court, Providence, Rhode Island. 
HUBER Maria (I3)
28 1. Marie became a French citizen in 1872. DE BILLY Marie Babette Zoe (I30)
29 1. Marie Pauline became a French citizen in 1872 . BRACKENHOFFER Marie Pauline (I32)
30 1. Mathias Brackenhofer died 17 March 1915, France.
2. See his entry in casualy lists media file
3. He was a private in the infantry regiment 125, 1st batallion, 3rd company
4. He is buried in grave 119 , Romagne-sous-Montfaucon, France.

5. Josef Brackenhofer on WW1 casualty list 16 Nov 1915
6. He was from Minderreuti.
7. He was in 43/ infantry regiment 127/10th company, ULM

8. Adolf Brackenhofer on the WW1 casualty lists 3 times, 7 Oct 1914, 9 Apr 1915, 29 Jan 1916.
9. He was from Minderreuti,Uttenweiler.
10. He was in 31/regiment 124/2nd company, Weigarten.

Minderreuti is part of Uttenweiler. It is north of the village of Brackenhoven ( Bad Buchau).
Weigarten is south of Bad Buchau, nearer Lake Konstanz, Ravensburg. 
31 1. Occupation - tanner Gerber BRACKENHOFER Martin (I2273)
32 1. Paule was an aquarelliste (water colour painter) by occupation. LAMEY Paule Aline Zoe Henriette (I40)
33 1. Permission to marry was granted by John Boyd Scobie, Stipendiary Magistrate in and for the State of NSW.
2. She was married in the Registrar's Office, 482 Anzac Parade, Kingsford, Sydney , NSW. 
BRACKENHOFER Elsie Wilhelmine (I51)
34 1. Possible brother of Karl Ludwig
2. Christoph was a button maker in 1856
BRACKENHOFER Christoph Friedrich (I211)
35 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I49)
36 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I49)
37 1. Possible uncle of Karl Ludwig.
2. In 1856 he worked at 204 Burgasse, Nordlingen as a THURMWACHTER (security guard)
3. Could be a rope weaver ( 1841, 1848)
BRACKENHOFER Johann Friedrich (I225)
38 1. President Municipal Strasbourg 1797.
2. Maire Strasbourg 1797, 1800 to 1815
3. Depute bas-Rhin ( Restauration)


4. Graduated from the Gymnase protestant 4 July 1766
5. Graduated from the University 26 March1774., doctor in law 19 July 1784.
6. Patronised by his father in law, he entered the municipal administration and was elected alderman by the Bakers Member of the grand Senate
7. 1n 1788-89 and director of the Maison des Pauvres (House of the Poor) in 1789.
8. In 18 March 1790 he was member of the first municipality. He resigned his functions along with his colleagues after reprisals following the official protest of the municipality against the use of force on 10 August and the arrest of the king.
9. Brackenhoffer was arrested and imprisoned in the Grand Seminary until the fall of Robespierre.
10. He started a new party "Municipality Regenerated" on 18 January 1795. Reelected 1 November 1795, he formed the constitution of the new municipality, installed 22 April 1797 over which he presided until his official election on 29 September 1797. However, for obscure political reasons he was removed from his position on 5 January 1798 " for manifesting the most anti republican principles and proof of his aversion for the regime of equality". Brackenhoffer submitted but protested " that his patriotic sentiments and efforts that he constantly made in his administrative career for the prosperity of the state were misunderstood".
11. Nevertheless he pursued a career increasingly brilliant, then was appointed in 1798 Judge at the Civil and Criminal Tribunal of Lower Rhine. then on 23 April 1800 to the Administrative Court and finally, on 8 September 1810, first magistrate of his town of birth savouring revenge on the snubs and vicissitudes endured during the revolutionary period.
12. Installed in his post 24 September 1810, he revealed himself as a competent and devout administrator and skilful politician who represented the people of Strasbourg in particular at the official ceremonies given in Paris for the baptism of the King of Rome in June 1811.
13. Following the collapse of the Empire and the double crisis of the restoration of the Bourbons, he faced these events with calmness and authority.
14. Appointed officer of the
Legion d'Honneur by the Duke of Berry during his official trip to Alsace, he was confirmed on 18 January, 1815 in this distinction by Louis XVIII.
15. Signatory to the oath of allegience by the municipality to the king dated 20 March 1815, he was not elected 10 May 1815, president of the electoral college of Lower Rhine for the elections to the House of Representatives and, on 12 May 1815, member of this new assembly instituted by the resusitated Empire.
16. He left to sit in Paris, where he was confirmed Mayor of Strasbourg by Emperor Bonaparte on 20 June 1815.
17. Reinstalled in Strasbourg 3 August 1815, the departmental college elected him representative of Lower Rhin on 22 August 1815, but saw himself replaced as mayor of Strasbourg, by royal order dated 29 September 1815 presented by Chevalier Antoine de Kentzinger.
18. Not re-elected as representative in 1816, Brackenhoffer made it to new new elections and was re-elected to the House of representatives on 12 September 1819.
19. In 1820 he was among the 60 principal subscribers to the Mutual Fire Insurance Company in the Lower Rhine and was elected on 13 October 1819, member of the advisory council during the establishment phase.
20. Sitting on the left side of the House, he voted on the sitting on 16 March 1820 against the Act of exception restraining personal liberty.
21. Member of the electoral office following the elections to the House of Representatives on 14 November 1820, he was re-elected representative of Strasbourg, but did not present himself in 1824.
22. Retired from political life, he was nevertheless again appointed advisor to the Prefecture by the July Monarchy on 9 March 1831 and held that position until his death.
BRACKENHOFFER Jacques ( Jacob) Frederic (I7)
39 1. Professor of Mathematics Universite de Strasbourg 1746 to 1789
2. Recteur University de Strasbourg 1753 and 1760.
3. Professor Ecole Royale Artillerie en Strasbourg 1746 to 1789
4. Chanoine de St.Thomas
5. Jean Jeremie completed his studies at the Gymnase of Strasbourg in 1729
6. Completed his university studies in 1737.
7. Jean Jeremie replaced in 1746, J.G. Schertz, as professor at the Haute Ecole ( superior high school)and the Artillery School. He held these 2 positions until his death.
8. In 1747 he obtained the grade of PhD.
9. At the same time he was a canon, then appointed Head of the Chapitre St. Thomas ( an assembly of canons).
10. He owned important real estate in several villages of Kochersburg ( Keinheim, Wiwersheim, Behlenein,Gougenheim amongst others ), of which the Meyerhof in Reitwiller constituted a grand estate with the masters residence and agricultural buildings over 170 acres.
11. Published " Specimen juris Georgica Alsatica de indole praediorum rusticorum" Drucker Heiz 1783 and a number of other works on mathematics. 
BRACKENHOFFER Jean ( Johann) Jeremie (I5)
40 1. Student at the Gymnase.
2. Studied Philosophy in 1734 and law in Strasbourg.
3. He was licensed in 1740.
4. He was appointed Administrator of the St.Guillaume Foundation in 1768 and the assembly of Canons of St. Thomas in 1780, as well as the Oeuvre Notre Dame.
5. Elected head of the Association of Brewers of Alsace in 1746
6. Member of the Council of XIII from 1748 to 1752
7. Member of Council of XV from 1752 to 1779
8. Member of Council of XIII in 1779 at the time of the French Revolution.
9. He was taxed 15,000 pounds as a patriotic contribution in the autumn of 1793 and he suicided upon learning of his imminent arrest. 
DOLD Anna (I68)
41 1. There were no heirs to this couple. No children born. SCHMIDT Anna (I77)
42 1. This Conrad was a well known carpenter in Nordlingen.
2. Alte Kornschranne was erected in 1601 ans 1602.
It was designed by Johannes PFERINGER
The master mason was Wolfgang WALBERGER
The master carpenter was Konrad BRACKENHOFER
The photo was supplied by Gerhard Steinmeyer, researcher.
43 1. Was a bone turner in Nordlingen ( Ivory carver perhaps).
2. He lived at house D 179 in 1766...note the town wall of Nordlingen on left hand side of photo.
BRACKENHOFER Johann Georg (I222)
44 1. Was a bone turner like his son and grandson
45 1. Was a sous-prefect.
2. He became a French citizen in 1872


3. Doctor of law in 1820 in Strasbourg (rental law). Authored "Acte public sur le louage des choses" Levrault 1820.
4. Administrator, he followed a prefectural career: Assistant prefect notably in Saverne from 14 August 1830 to 6 August 1833 and in Remiremont,
5. Member and vice president of the Council of prefecture for the Lower Rhin. (5 August 1845-1869), charged with the functions of Secretary General from 30 July 1849 to 1853.
6. Knowledgeable amateur in music and painting.
7. He retired to the home of his son-in-law Ernest Lehr.
8. Chevalier de la Legion d'honneur. 
46 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I77)
47 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I77)
48 1.When his mother Minnie was interned in WW2, Albert went into foster care.
2.His foster mother was Mrs. Thelma Stanford.
3.She was he mother of 4 girls aged 8,10,12 and 14 years at the time.
4.Her husband was in the the Army in North Africa serving at this time.
5.When he came home in 1945, he was a mental and physical wreck and died shortly after .
6.Minnie spoke only English to her son at home.
7.Albert recalls that from 1935 to 1955 anyone with a foreign sounding name was called an obscene name and suffered a racist slur.
8.His parents were persecuted and spat on , as the Aussie people were very racist then.

BRACKENHOFER Albert Henry (I44)
49 1.     There were two episodes of plague in Backnang, both happening during the 30-years-war (1618 - 1648). The figures for the total Backnang population are 2500 in 1618 and 408 in 1652
a.     1626: 954 persons died
b.     1635 - 1637: 1165 persons died.
2.     In 1537 the protestant (Lutheran) pastor took office in Backnang. With the reformation Luther introduced the religious idea that God is merciful. This had a certain impact on the Christian names in the German south west. In order for their children to benefit from God's mercy there was a tendency of the parents to name their daughters Anna which means grace or mercy (Hebrew) and their sons Johann (Hans) or Johannes which means God is merciful (Hebrew). One should, however, note that this (preceding name) was not necessarily the name under which they were known. There was a second given name e.g. Wilhelm like in Hanß Wilhelm Brackenhofer. In general, probably nobody may have called him Hanß, but he was known as Wilhelm. It is difficult to generalize, however, this explanation may give you a feel for some of the traditional beliefs and habits in those days.   
BRACKENHOFER Johannes Wilhelm (I36)
50 1605 - Dom. Trinitatis. [Prokl.]
"Conrad Brackenhofer, Conrad Brackenhofers sohn von Nördlingen
Katharina, Hanß Lieben tochter von Tübingen"
11. Juni [Copul.] 

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